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Sách – Tiếng Anh i-learn Smart Start 1 – Student’s Book – Nhiều tác giả – top1shop

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Sách – Tiếng Anh i-learn Smart Start 1 – Student’s Book
Tác giả: Nhiều tác giả
Ngày xuất bản: 05-2020
Kích thước: 28×20 cm
Loại bìa: Bìa mềm
Số trang: 72
Nhà xuất bản: NXB Đại học Sư Phạm TP Hồ Chí Minh
Công ty phát hành: NXN Đại Học Sư Phạm
I-Learn Smart Start is a 5-level course for young learners of English. It has been developed by an experienced team of international and Vietnamese writers and teachers to be a perfect fit for the Vietnamese classroom. I-Learn Smart Start 1 is the first book in the 12-level series of English coursebooks for Vietnamese students. I-Learn Smart Start Notebook are tracing pages to go with every letter of the alphabet to improve students’ handwriting. Grammar and vocabulary activities with mid-term and final tests are also provided.
Key features:
– Solid curriculum: Covers 100% of the new curriculum of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and is closely aligned to the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR).
– User-friendly lesson format: The clear, consistent, and logical lesson format makes lessons easy to prepare, teach, and understand.
– Proven, motivational materials: Catchy songs, colorful comic stories, and fun games catch the interest of students.
– An effective balance of skills: A level appropriate mix of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing tasks to systematically develop a student’s abilities.
– Content and culture focus: Core subjects (math, science, geography, etc.) and moral lessons (be helpful, respect elders, be neat and tidy, etc.) are covered within a Vietnamese cultural setting.
– Test-taking skills: Each theme includes exercises that familiarize students with the common tasks they will find on exams like the Cambridge Young Learners and the MOET exam
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Specification: Sách – Tiếng Anh i-learn Smart Start 1 – Student’s Book – Nhiều tác giả – top1shop

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